Modern Three Bedroom Bungalow-Style Single-Detached House Design

This compact and modern single-detached house plan, with a total floor area of 132 square meters, comes with three bedrooms and two toilet and baths. It is a bungalow-style home that is suitable for a starting family or a medium-sized one.

This single-detached house uses natural, minimalist colors. The whole house is painted with a combination of red, brown, and cream hues, which gives it a fresher and more modern look. The roof is covered with a long span, galvanized iron roofing with a tile effect, covering the other parts of the home like the porch and garage.

Let’s take a look at the floor plan of this house:

The floor plan of this small house design is very simple yet it maximizes the whole space. It is surrounded by large picture windows which allows natural light and ventilation.

From the porch to the main entrance, you will be greeted by the spacious living room, which is a perfect size when greeting your guests or relaxing after a long day of work. The hallway will lead you to the dining hall and the kitchen. There is also a door from the kitchen which will lead you to the service area, and can be used as a dirty kitchen or a laundry area as well as the backyard.

The first two bedrooms of this single-detached house are across from each other. Each bedroom comes with built-in cabinets as well as a space for an entertainment wall. The shared toilet and bath separates the two bedrooms.

On the other hand, the Master’s Bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and built-in cabinets. The bathroom has a provision for a bathtub.


Which do you prefer: A small yet compact home or a large one with multiple rooms?

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