Modern Three-Bedroom One Storey House Plan

one storey house plan
This one storey house plan may be smaller in floor area but it has all the rooms that your family needs.

One storey house plans have ageless appeal not only to the homeowners but also to the bystanders. They are perfect for every family, regardless of their age and lifestyle.

For a lot of people, the unavailability of stairs is a must, especially for those living with children or elderly. One storey house plans have open, fluid floor plan, making great use of the available square footage across all the spaces. Since this house design has all the living spaces, including the bedrooms, at a ground level, everything is accessible and comfortable.

Our house plan for today is a simple yet sophisticated house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a front porch, a service area, a kitchen, and a living room. It has reinforced concrete structural walls that are painted in gray, with dark wood panel as accent walls. Instead of the traditional style roofing, it has metal sheet roofing.

The exterior of this house is decorated with the combination of soft cream and white granite tiles, making the space look bigger and wider.

Although this house has a small kitchen, it is fully functional. It has lime kitchen countertop decorated with white tile splash. The hanging lanterns enhances the whole area.

Even if it is a one storey house, the occupants can still enjoy the privacy that a multilevel house can give. There is a hall way dividing the kitchen, living, and recreational areas.

There are three bedrooms in this home. There are two smaller rooms that the children can use. These rooms have enough space to fit a full bed, work table, and a built-in closet. It also has a much bigger Master Bedroom with ensuite bathroom.

Here’s the floor plan of this house:

This one storey house plan may be smaller in floor area but it has all the rooms that your family needs. It maximizes the use of all the available space, letting you live in comfort.

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