My Simple but Convenient Small House

This is another small house design that we are featuring today in our website.  Despite the popularity of the double-storey modern contemporary houses, the appeal of small houses never goes outmoded.  Small houses are still there serving small families and those who prefer to live alone for privacy.

This single-storey house uses modern architecture.  It appears so simple with its exterior paint of grey for the bulk of the house and white for the trims.  Utilizing simple colors like this is indeed one of modern architecture characteristics.

Though it is simple, it exudes a relaxing and soothing ambiance.   The entrance to the house features a small terrace for resting and for chit-chat over a cup of coffee in the morning or late afternoon. There is also an L-shaped cement bench for resting made specially for resting.


The house is installed with an awning roof to protect it from the sun and rain.  The clear glass windows allow for natural light to seep inside the house and they allow for a clear view of the nature outside.

The roof canopy is extended to allow for more shelter and protection especially during rainy season when the rain is easily swept by the wind to enter the house. The shaded area may be then used as carport or it may be converted into a balcony or a veranda.


The interior plan consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a central hall, a kitchen, a washing area, a front porch and a garage, too. It looks like a small house but it can actually accommodate all areas that one needs in a livable house.

The construction costs around 1.5M Philippine pesos or that would be around US$30,000. But then again, like we always say, this is just an estimate.  It may increase or decrease depending on the type of materials that you use to build it.

Another factor that may affect the cost of building this house is the fees for a contractor and the builders.  All of these concerns must be addressed first before finally building it. Above all, it all depends on you – what kind of house do you want to build.

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