My Small but Comfy Home

Bungalows never go outmoded.  They are always beautiful and preferred over other types of houses.  They come in petite to medium to expansive sizes.  Whether you are looking for a place for a vacation or a place for permanent residence, they are always on top of the choices. Being manageable, low-maintenance, and accessible, they are preferred by prospective home buyers.

This petite and dainty bungalow that we are featuring in this episode is very ideal for those seeking for their own place to stay.  Newly wed couples and even single persons will opt for this house because of its simplicity and affordable to maintain.


It is indeed a petite two-bedroom bungalow but its design is so simple that by merely looking at it gives you a sense of tranquility and orderliness.

Its facade looks so dainty and the bricks on the lower part of the walls make it look even more classy. The roof also adds to its beauty as well as the glass windows.  The size of the door and the windows are just right for the size of the house. They match perfectly.

Most people now prefer to have a small bungalow house as long as it meets their requirements of a livable property with complete amenities and stuffs, then it is not a problem.

Bungalows are very easy to maintain and are also easy to decorate. It is also very friendly to older people and young children because they do not need to climb stairs.

The floor plan was designed for  two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, a dining area with a kitchen sharing the space, a service are at the back of the house, a small porch and a slot for a carport.

This simple house design is ideal for a couple who is just starting their life together.  They can convert the other bedroom to be the guest’s room or to be a store room.

The only challenging part for a limited space is that you do not have enough space for other stuffs. So, to remedy this concern, just buy stuffs that you really need and get rid of things that are already disposable.  There is no use keeping old stuffs that you no longer need.

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