One and a Half Storey House with 4 Bedrooms

This actual house is elevated in 3 levels, first is the garage floor which is leveled to the natural grade. Second is the porch area level that also includes the living area, dining, kitchen while the third level is the floor for the 2 bedrooms up.

This contemporary design combines color of white and brown for the main walls and dark colors for the accent walls. Roof is made of hipped type roof system covered by ceramic roof tiles. Roof is also provided with louvers for ventilation to release hot air from the ceiling making the house cooler.

With this type of house, you are assured that privacy is main concern due to its elevated feature and most importantly you are safe against flooding especially if you are located in low-lying areas.

What do you think about this design? Is it more or less the same as the concept?

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  1. gud am…what is the size of the lot and the floor areas and the estimated cost for the construction..thanks

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