One Storey Duplex House Plan with 2 Bedrooms

One Storey Duplex House Plan
One Storey Duplex House Plan

One Storey Duplex House Plans are very efficient in terms of design feature. Imagine building a house using only one floor plan for two. The second floor plan is only the mirrored version of the first so it offers convenience to builders by not spending another floor plan for the second house.

This one storey duplex house plan has 2 bedrooms each unit with the standard rooms for a common house like the living room, dining, kitchen toilet and bath and service area. Simple in design the walls are rendered with off-white color, windows are optional to be aluminum frame sliding windows surrounded by dark colored moldings.

Roof is design to be hipped roof, which are durable type of roof due to its truss structure where it can be wood or structural steel. Roof covering are clay or ceramic roof tiles without roof gutter which allows rain to freely drop to the surrounding as surface run-off.

As you can see at the back, there is a small service area where it can be multi-purpose; can be a laundry area or can be a dirty kitchen.

Looking at the floor plan, before you can reach the main door, there is a small porch protecting the main entrance from sun and rain. Opening the min door, you can see and open area where the living room, kitchen and dining are combined. The common toilet and bath is positioned near the kitchen and the two bedrooms are situated at the right side. The second unit is just the opposite layout of the first unit described here.

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