One Storey house design with Grand master’s Bedroom

one storey house design

Earthy in style, this one storey house design features a grand master’s bedroom. Looking at the floor plan, you can see that big portion of the plan is dedicated for the master’s bedroom. Coming from the Living Room, there are 3 steps to climb to arrive at a hallway going the master’s bedroom. At the right side of the hallway is the main entrance, in which upon opening, you can see a private living area. With dedicate toilet and bath, walk-in closet and terrace at the back.

Two other bedrooms are also included with this one storey house design. The second bedroom is the same level or floor as the master’s bedroom and third bedroom is in level with the living room. Dining room is also spacious as it can accommodate 8-seater table. Looking at the perspective the extension at the right is occupied by the whole dining area provided with 3 windows, illuminating this area.

Now lets go to the kitchen. The designer of this house see’s to it that the kitchen would be a magnificent area. Designed to have bay windows and center table for additional storage and work area. Common Toilet and Bath is located at the left side serving the whole house for common usage.

The roof is designed to have hipped roof that can be steel or wood trusses. Roof covering can also be a choice of roof tiles, or galvanized iron roofing with roof tile effect. Elevated in 3 steps, the porch is finished with gray marble tiles and lower wall is finished with bricks or tiles with brick effects.

Check floor plan below for details. It may not be as clear as you expected but this is the only image we’ve found.



Whether you are just looking for a future  house design or really inclined with collecting concepts, this one storey house design is another file for your collections.

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