One Storey House Modern In and Out

Every family is dreaming to have their own house. Be it small house only or luxury house, the important thing is they can call it their own.

This one storey modern house is simple yet still elegant in look. The roof is gable type, sloping in opposite directions. It is economical because the truss structure is only simple compared to the hipped roof. The roof cover can be long span galvanized iron roofing, pre-painted to avoid early corrosion due to harsh weather.

House is elevated from the road level to avoid flooding the interior during rainy season. As of today, we have been visited by harsher typhoons or hurricanes and so house designs should also consider all of these conditions in the planning and design.

The interior of the house is very clean in terms of layout. The wall are painted with white color making it bright and pleasant the the eye. In the living room, the large picture windows and glass door also help the room even more bright by allowing more light into the room.

The choice of wood flooring is good idea to give more definition to the floor. making one side of the wall painted with dark color together with big painting is very smart decision of the designer, giving more depth into the room.

Dining and kitchen is combined with wood plank table, which is very rustic in design. Granite counters in the kitchen with a touch of green color suits and very well paired with white cabinets below the counter.

Source: banidea

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