One Storey House with Provision for Differently-abled Family Member

Since single-storey homes are affordable, they are a favorite choice of many homeowners. A single-storey home, like this house plan for today, is anything but simple and easy to maintain.

This modern, single-storey home is a semi-detached house with three bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a dining hall, and a front porch. It also a provision for abled members of the family. Especially if you are living with the elderlies, this house has a pathway for a wheelchair for the convenience of the other family members.


The exterior of this home is very simple yet modern looking. It features big, door-sized glass windows to allow more ventilation inside the house. This house also allows you to customize your home to fit your needs.

Here’s the floor plan of this house:

There are two ways to enter the house: One from the main entryway and another one from the kitchen. Upon entry to the house, you will immediately see the spacious living room which is attached to the dining hall. Instead of a traditional kitchen, dining room, and living room, this house has an open concept living room and dining hall.

From the living room area, you can see all the equally spaced bedrooms. There are three bedrooms and a common bathroom accessible from the kitchen.

You can customize the look of this house too. Instead of having three bedrooms, you can change it to two by removing the walls between bedrooms 1 and 2 and turn it into a Master’s Bedroom. You can also decrease the floor area of the living room and the dining hall and widen the space of the other rooms. The possibilities are endless.

What can you say about this single-storey home? Do you think it fits the needs of your family, especially the old and the needy?

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