Concept Vs. Actual : One Storey Modern Style House with 4 Bedrooms

One Storey Modern Style
One Storey Modern Style

Take a look at this One storey modern Style house with 4 bedrooms. Complete with exterior views as well as interior photos.

Looking at the ground floor plan, the patio is design to be L-shaped and before reaching the living room, you need to pass by the patio. All the 3 bedrooms are located at the left side of the house which composed of the master’s bedroom with en-suite toilet and bath and the 2 standard rooms.

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The toilet and bath is well finished with lavatory counters, dark colored ceramic tiles on the floor an a combination of light brow and dark on the bathroom wall.

Entering the main entrance will lead you to an open space where in living room, dining and small area for gym is fitted in this area. Floor is made of granite tiles with brown wall skirting. Ceiling is painted with white and design to have drop ceiling feature.

The entrance doors are also secured by stainless steel grills.

One Storey Modern Style House like this also design to have 4 bathrooms to give more privacy to the occupants when the call of nature arises. Three of these toilets are intended for the 3 bedrooms and 1 as a common toilet and bath.

There are plenty of rooms too, for additional purpose like you can see an empty space before you reach the living area combined with the dining area. Another feature of this One Storey Modern Style House is the family room next to the two-car garage at the left side.

Kitchen is located near the garage so that whenever possible, you can access the inside of the house though the kitchen door.

As you can see above, the concept is near to the actual One Storey Modern Style House built in this lot. More or less all the features and rooms specified in the concept were well executed by the contractor. Feel free to use this as inspiration while moulding or planning for you future home!



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