Petite but classic two-bedroom single-floor house

These days, it is common for homebuyers to choose a single-storey home over a two-storey or multiple levels home.  This is because homebuyers now have become more practical when it comes to spending their money.  They would rather save their money for other essential things rather than buying a very big house with most of the rooms left unused.

A single-storey house or oftentimes called bungalow house has advantages of accessibility, manageability, spacious rooms, accessible terrace and other parts of the house, and low-hung roof which facilitates easier cleaning, maintenance, and remodeling soon, in case, the owners are thinking ahead of renovation.

This design features a very spacious yard which can accommodate a roomy veranda, a gazebo for morning and afternoon chit-chat over coffee, or just a gorgeous landscape that bring out the nature look of the ambiance.

Huge glass windows are present in the façade of this house which make it look extravagant and offers an aura of simplicity and elegance.  Though it lacks the aura of sophistication of a modern design as it looks a little classic.  The presence of wood and wood-like accents like the door and window frames make the structure depict a mood of traditional but enduring excellence.

The back of the house has limited number of windows.  This is probably because there already exist large glass windows in front that are responsible for allowing natural light to enter thee house.

The floor plan  shows that the bedrooms are situated on each corner with the living and dining rooms located at the center.  The front of the house shows wooden flooring or faux wood tiles at least, mixes and matches with the color of the frames of the doors and windows.

Choosing the color of the paint that you will use on your house is also a little tricky because you may not choose the appropriate color that would match your mood, personality, and the ambiance of the house.  For neutral colors, natural, beige, light brown or any “earth” colors like they say will make it appear on its classic taste.


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