Petite but Gorgeous Modern House Design

When I first saw this design, I first noticed and loved the grooves on the posts and walls. They were made distinct because they were painted with black or dark brown, and the grooves on the area painted with blue were painted with white.  That is the technique in the use of color.  The lighter shade is used to accentuate the darker one or the darker shade is used to accentuate the lighter one.

When painting the exterior of your house, see to it that you get the right combination because this will play an important role in making your small house look bigger. Your goal is to let your house appear as big as possible while you make the important features stand out.  The color of the exterior always uses two colors – one main color for the bulk of the house and one minor color for the trims and other features.

This beautiful and simple home plan designed to be built in 1055 square feet(98 Square Meters) . Proposed for Mr. Dilshad,Malappuram. It includes 2bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. It is estimated for about 14 lac’s. The living and dining room are spacious and very well designed, kitchen and work area are really spacious. This plan is designed in a manner for the latest interior designs.


Home Guides states that blue and white work magic for a small house because blue grounds the home, making it look more substantial. White trim brightens the entire house and makes the blue look distinct and appealing.  Though in this house, white is used as the main color.  However, one portion of its facade is painted with blue and this did all the magic to transform it into an impressive exterior.

Midnight blue and navy blue are not often used for a small house because they make it too heavy and exude an aura of dullness. It is always preferred to use medium shades of blue, such as blue-gray, cornflower blue, ocean blue or sky blue. Off-white works best for the trim, edging, arches and any additional architectural features.

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