Give Your Kitchen A Make-Over: Inspirational Red Kitchen Design Ideas

Using red in your kitchen gives it more life and energy.

Red is a universal color with a lot of meanings behind it. It is usually connected with happiness, fun, and passion. However, it can also mean negatively, like rage or rebellion. When it comes to food, this color is associated with hunger, mixed with other colors like yellow and orange.

You can use red to give your kitchen a strong and bold look. How can this color go in the kitchen? From rosy strawberries to scarlet tomatoes, bright red spaghetti sauce or red orange chilli, the warmth of this color is a signal for a fresh, delicious, and mouth-watering food. So it is natural to use red in the kitchen, on the table, and other parts of the house.

Whether you are bold enough to go all red or you just want to give the area a little splash or pop of color, here are inspiring kitchen designs that you can use to give your kitchen a new look for the year.

Red Kitchen Ideas You Can Incorporate In Your Home

Tips When Using Red In Your Kitchen

Pick Your Red

Finding the right shade of red can be tough. There are shades that are warmer and can be more in the orange side. There are also others that are cooler, with more blue.

How orange or blue the shade is will affect the adjacent color. It is always a good idea to get samples of the versions you like and try them on a space in your kitchen before using it entirely.

Start Small

Are you not ready yet to color all your walls with bright red? Try to use the color in a smaller space. You may also use red as accent colors if your kitchen is in white or black theme.

Consider Muted Red

If bright or candy apple is too much for your liking, you may opt for a deeper shade. When paired with dark grey, your kitchen will give off a calm, Feng Shui-friendly energy that will make you feel like cooking all day.


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