Resort Style Bungalow Home with a Swimming Pool

Have you dreamed of buying or constructing a house with a swimming pool? Is not that a cool idea? Do you think you can make your dream come true? Let us take a look at this resort style bungalow with a swimming pool built on its frontage.

The swimming pool is perhaps the main attraction of this beautiful house.  It is very costly to have build a swimming pool though but if you are ready with your budget, it is really a nice idea to have your home with a pool especially when summer comes.

It does not only make your house look impressive but it does serve its purpose as a cooling area during summer.  Imagine yourself soaked in the cold water and having a relaxation while cooling the summer fever off!


The facade offers a magnificent view with its stunning pillars and well-designed balcony.  A balcony is often a great choice for home owners because it offers a space where you can have a full view of the outside world and take in some fresh air.

Since this house is designed to resemble a resort, the swimming pool built on the center is just a perfect idea.

It has three big bedrooms and two bathrooms, a spacious living area  and a cozy dining and a kitchen.

This bungalow is a perfect choice for a family who loves to enjoy swimming and spending time on the balcony for bonding.

The impressive glass doors and windows add beauty to its frontage.  The design of roof as well is an attraction that makes every passerby cast not only a second look but would also get an idea of what to do with their homes.

To build this property depends on the materials you choose but generally it would cost around $70,000.  It maybe more or less depending on what kind of finishing you would want for it.

For those who have a limited budget, you can still build this style by maybe reducing its size and using alternative and more affordable materials.  You can always remodel and enhance it when you get the budget.  It takes time to build a beautiful home. It is a investment and you can not say actually that you already have completed it because from time to time you can think of an idea to enhance it or remodel it over time.

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  1. Hi
    I do like this design wihic I am consider this house design wiht pool as retirement house
    I do have 105 sqm lot .
    Can this be modified instead the front area of where the pool is should be at the back of the house of the house like a provision of backyard of where a pool is located.
    the three bedroom should be facing on the pool and so with the living area.
    hoping to receive and contact with you .

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