Simple and Straightforward : Bungalow House with 2 Bedrooms

If you are looking for a simple and straightforward design, this bungalow house is a very good example. The floor plan is so simple with almost rectangular in shape only. It consists of the porch, 2 bedrooms, combined living and dining area, enclosed kitchen, common toilet and bath and one en-suite bathroom for bedroom 2.

The total floor area is 70.5 square meters and requires at least 148.5 square meter lot. With this lot area the minimum setback of the sides area 1.5 meters each, rear is 1.5 meters and front at 2.5 meters from the boundary fence.

Below are actual photos of the interior:

Below is the floor plan indicating all the parts of the house, measurements between columns and grid lines for easy layout during the construction.

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