Simple One Storey Single Detached House Plan

This simple one storey single detached house plan has 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bath, living room, dining and kitchen. At the right side is an open patio where you can celebrate occassions for the family and friends.

The roof design is a gable type roof, with dark color. Columns at the patio or porch are bright yellow painted contrasting to the overall color scheme of the house.

Opening the main entrance will lead you directly to the kitchen with center work table. This layout is not standard for Asian house since it should be leading to the main living area. The design is European in this case, however this is still an excellent design.

The wall interiors are painted with beige color and accent wall in the kitchen and dining is a light yellow green color. Complimenting colors for the couches, throw pillows and even the carpet is mixed with color green.

Simple yet elegant, this house concept is an excellent design from


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