Simple Two Bedroom Bungalow House Plan

Simple Two Bedroom Bungalow House

Every couple is dreaming to have their own house when they start their own family. Having kids in the house may not be as organized as when they are newly weds, but still much happier when they are around. Every family have their own preference and needs when it comes to owning a house.

This bungalow house design is simple and has 2 bedrooms. Main floor is elevated with four steps starting from the porch area. You will then open a double swing door to reach the living room, wherein the dining room is at the center of the house.

Master’s bedroom is located at the right side of the house with bathroom for convenience. The other bedroom is on the opposite side which is a bit bigger than the master’s bedroom. Actually this room can be divided into two, making a total 3 bedroom for this house.

Looking at the perspective, the roof is the most distinguishing part of this concept. Roof type is combination of gable roof with dormers, a bit complicated if you ask me. Roofing materials are tegula roof tiles on steel trusses and purlins. Walls are treated with dirty white color with a tint of beige.

House and decors never stop giving you options when it comes to house concepts. This design may not be for all, but there are some families out there dreaming to have this kind of house.

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