Single Storey Loft Style House with 2 Bedrooms

This house is 85 square meters, loft style with 2 bedrooms. Elevated with 4 steps from the garage floor it will be at least 600 mm at the front porch. the front porch is finish with ceramic tile floor, tubular steel railings and privacy balusters. The surrounding of the house is also provided with brown color lining at the elevated portion.

Single storey design where the roof is simple type sloping towards the rear, with an option to add gutters or just freely falling run-off from the roof. Complete with ceiling eaves finished with fiber cement boards and roof as galvanized iron long span roofing.

Garage can also be used as additional terrace or porch whenever the car is not occupying this area. This will be a good venue for small celebrations like, birthdays or just an informal lunch or dinner outside the house.

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