Sleek Design of a Two-bedroom Bungalow

What are your requirements for a home? Do you like a single floor plan or you prefer a two-storey house?

Whatever your preferences are, we are giving you some things to think about when choosing a home especially a one-storey house or a bungalow.

There is no one who does not know what a bungalow is but for the sake of defining, a bungalow is a type of a house having a single floor plan or one-storey.

Many bungalows are seen rising in along subdivisions, large compounds, along the highways or even in the rural areas.  Many people prefer it because of many reasons.

One of the main reasons is the accessibility of all the areas in the house.  Literally speaking, one does not need to go to the second level in order to get to a bedroom or to get to the living hall.  The single floor houses all these areas and they are located strategically to save space.

The bungalow is very friendly to both young and old.  For toddlers, they will not have stairs to climb where they can fall. The old, too, do not need to go upstairs to sleep because bedrooms are accessible and they are close to to other parts of the house, too.

The sleek design makes this bungalow cute and compact.  The way it was designed has some touches of modern architecture on it because of the use of rectangular shapes and lines and having to portray simplicity in all angels.

The plan was designed for  two bedrooms, one bathroom, a central hall, a wash and a front porch and a living hall with  47 square meters area.

This simple house design is ideal for a couple who is just starting their life together.  They can convert the other bedroom to be the guest’s room or to be a store room.

The only challenging part for a limited space is that you do not have enough space for other stuffs. So, to remedy this concern, just buy stuffs that you really need and get rid of things that are already disposable.  There is no use keeping old stuffs that you no longer need.

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