Small Yet Functional: Modern Style 2-Bedroom Small House

small house
This modern style small house may be small but it has all the rooms that the family needs.

We live in more space than we really need. While a lot of house designs offer different rooms such as media rooms, family halls, game rooms, and second living rooms, the idea of moving into a smaller living space has become an increasingly attractive option for people who want to simplify their lifestyle or fit the budget that they have.

A small house like the house plan for today has several benefits. Not only is it easier to maintain, you can also optimize your space and use a single area for multiple uses.

This modern style small house meets the needs of people who want to have a home that looks chic yet comfortable at the same time. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a terrace.

The exterior of this small house is modern and chic. It has a unique-style roofing and uses a combination of white paint with brick and wooden walls. There is also an accent wall made of laths.

One of the problems of small houses is ventilation. To avoid this problem, the sides of this small house are surrounded with large glass windows that guarantee natural light and ventilation around the house.

Before entry to the house, there is a terrace area to welcome the guests. The first part of the house that you will see is the living room, with a small hallway leading to the kitchen.

There are two options for the dining area: You can use multipurpose types of furniture and combine it with the living room or you may also place an island in the kitchen to serve as the dining table.

This small house has two equal-sized bedrooms. Even if there is limited space, each bedroom can accommodate a full-size bed, cabinets, and work tables. The common toilet and bath is strategically located in the middle of the house, to allow access for the occupants, whichever room they will be coming from.

This modern style small house may be small but it has all the rooms that the family needs.

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