Spacious 4-Bedroom Single Detached Home

Single Detached House
This single detached house will give you the same comfort that you will get while you are on vacation.

Imagine the countless experiences and moments you will get to spend with your loved ones with this beautiful home. This single detached house is designed to provide redemption from the everyday stress of your work or school.

This single detached house will give you the same comfort that you will get while you are on vacation. Plus, the price point will not hurt your budget.

Overall, this house has four bedrooms, four toilet and baths, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. It also has a lanai, a service area, a garage, and a terrace for relaxation.

Here’s the floor plan of this single detached home:

This house features high ceiling that does not only add drama to the home, it also fills the room with abundant lighting. The spacious porch and balcony allow you to relax after a long day of work as you watch the sunset in the horizon while sipping a cup of tea or coffee. It also makes a perfect setting for breakfast or family bonding.

Upon entering from the main door, you will immediately see the living room. This area is combined with the dining room and the kitchen to save on space and make the house look more spacious than it normally is. The open kitchen has a separate island which can be used for preparation, as another dining table or a mini bar. There is also a door leading to the porch and acts as a secondary entryway.

You will see the first bedroom on this floor too. The common toilet and bath is strategically located under the staircase.

The second floor of this single detached home is the relaxation part of the house. There are three bedrooms on this floor: Two smaller ones that can be used by the children or siblings as well as a bigger Master’s Bedroom.

The balcony can be accessed from the hallway or from the Master’s Bedroom. All of the bedrooms also have their own attached toilet and bath.

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