Spectacular three-storey house with four bedrooms

Even if the lot you bought is a narrow lot or let’s say a small lot and it’s quite impossible to build a big house because of the limited space, you can still build your house there.  You have the option of building a multi-level house like the featured house today. It is a three-storey house with the different rooms located in three levels. Let’s take a look below.


The ground floor houses the garage, and upon entry you will be greeted by the living room and the stairs going up tot he second floor. Beyond the stairs and the living are the common toilet and bathroom, the dining area and the kitchen.  There is a back door located in the kitchen as well.

The second floor contains contains three bedrooms, one master bedroom and two smaller ones. There is a living area and a bathroom/toilet which has an entrance from the master bedroom.  If this is the set up, be sure to always lock the door going in and out of the bathroom to the bedroom.

The third floor contains one big bedroom with a bathroom/toilet and a spacious living area. One fourth of the total area of the 3rd floor is a balcony which gives a full view of the environment.  This is indeed a cool design!

In this floor plan there are two big bedrooms in the upper floors. Two bedrooms with living rooms share the area and both have balconies. The third floor has two big bedrooms as well with attached bathroom/toilet each.  One bedroom has a balcony while the other do not have.

Product Specifications:

  • three-storey house
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms/toilets
  • 3 living rooms
  • kitchen and dining
  • garage
  • balconies
  • Budget: USD 240,000-280,000 or Php 12-14M

The floor plan here is modified a little bit but the total area is just the same. The stairs are located on the right side as opposed to the first plan where the stairs were located at the left side.

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Thank you Samphoas for this wonderful design.

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