Starting A Family: Three-Bedroom One Story House Plan

one story house plan
This elegant one story house plan has three bedrooms, perfect for a starting family.

One of the most exciting moments in a person’s life is buying your very own future home. From a simple one story house plan to a luxurious multilevel house, the decision of getting your dream house depends on your budget, your lifestyle, your needs, as well as your family’s preferences.

When it comes to first-time owners, a one story house plan is the ideal choice. The layout of the one storey house plan design for today makes it the perfect living situation for both the young and the old. Since all the rooms of the house are all in one floor, it is easier and more comfortable for the members of the family to access the living area.

This one story house plan has a very simple yet straightforward layout. The exterior of the house brings out a serene and calm feeling to the occupants. Since it is slightly elevated from the ground, the house is safe whenever there is a natural disaster, especially flooding.

The unique feature of this house is the roof design. The front part is a flat roof design while there is a slant, overlapping roof at the back. The walls are also surrounded with large glass windows, guaranteeing natural light and ventilation.

Upon entering the house from the front porch, you will immediately see the living room on the center and the two bedrooms on the right. From the living room, there is a hallway which you can use as the dining area.

Just beside the dining area is the Master’s Bedroom with ensuite bathroom.

The kitchen is separated from the living areas with another door. The kitchen is fully tiled, complete with kitchen tables and a drying rack for the dishes.

The common toilet and bath, as well as the service area at the back, can be accessed from the kitchen, which can be used as a dirty kitchen or a laundry area.

Check out the floor plan of this one story house plan here:

This one storey house is ideal for a small sized family or a start-up family.

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