Stunning Single Floor House with Elegant Exterior Design

What really makes a house beautiful? It it the size, the decoration, the style, the design, or the decors and furniture that you install on it?

The overall appearance of a house actually depends on the preferences of the home owners.  The paint color, the shape and placement of the veranda or balcony, the location of the different areas, and even the kinds of decors and stuffs to fill up the house are all depended on what the owner want.

All these wonderful ideas may have been crafted by the home owner which he or she had communicated to the architect to bring to life.  This is perhaps how this house that is featured today came into being.


This stunning single floor house is approximately 115 square meters to be built in a spacious compound.  It has a porch, 3 bedrooms, 1 attached bathroom, 1 common bathroom, a living room, a dining room, kitchen, and a work area. It is a large house with considerably large areas to accommodate a big family.

The design is unique and it is not the usual design of a single floor house that we see in highways or in the neighborhood.  The physical appearance of the house is a perfect craftsmanship, a design that came out from an aesthetic imagination of an architect or from the home owner.  The living and dining room exude sophistication, very well designed to suit the luxury and beauty any one could ever imagine.

Would you like to live in this kind of house? Do you like how it is designed or would you want to remodel it if you were the one to adopt this design to be used for your own house? Let’s examine carefully the location of each of the areas in the house.


When you pass by this house you will give it not just another extra look but few stares because you will be attracted by its stunning facade.  The color combination is also one big factor that gives elegance to its overall impact.

The combination of off-white, beige and light brown gives a mood of calmness, serenity, and tranquility that draws the attention of anyone who sees it.  Its unique design is also a major head turner  because it looks like it was really built for someone who has a taste for elegance and class.

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