Sturdy Double-storey House Design

The largest consideration that you think about when building a house is perhaps the budget.  Once you have it, you can already proceed to the next stage of planning and other important factors need to be considered.

Choosing between a single or two-storey house maybe one of the biggest concerns future homeowners need to consider.  The size of the house greatly depends on the kind of land and size of the lot where you are going to build it.

If your compound is not that spacious, you are most likely to choose a two-storey house. Though undoubtedly two-storey homes are more expensive than a single storey or a bungalow, the idea that you will have more space in your yard makes it more liberating to opt for a double storey.


This double-storey house exudes an aura of sturdiness with its two brick-filled posts  or walls that are the main attraction on its facade. It has a very spacious open area located on its front yard, which houses the parking are, the patio, and some extra space that may accommodate gardening or some landscape. The facade also features glass windows that allow for the natural light to enter and for some ventilation.

It does not have a veranda on the first level because it was made as a parking space that is designed to accommodate at least two cars.  The veranda is located upstairs with the horizontal railings that add support and give extra beauty to its design.

In every home, the main door is often one of the biggest attractions of a home exterior.  Aside from the veranda, a door is perhaps the first thing that guests see and when they see something unusual, they will really ask about it.

Home owners have their own concepts of a door design.  Some would want their doors be designed according to feng shui and because it is believed to be the entrance of prosperity, many home owners design it will gold and money or accentuate it with something gold or silver.

The front door or main door may reflect the personality of the one who built or designed it.  You can play with colors that match your mood or design it with few accessories that will greatly exude an aura of positivity and abundance.


Source: Filbuild


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