Stylish Four-bedroom Modern House Design

Modern house designs are very attractive and display sophistication and style.  If they are built along the highways and roads, passersby will surely turn their heads to cast a good glimpse of them. They feature unconventional design from the roof to the windows and doors and to the porch.  One of the characteristics of modern house designs is its futuristic mood.

This modern house design features elegant and semi-futurist architecture. It displays a simple and yet sophisticated look  with its stylish windows and powerful structure.  It has exterior that stand out against other styles and with interior that exude an aura of cool and lavish living.

The house opens with a spacious living room that is excellent for the occupants’ relaxation and welcoming guests.

Indeed, the living room is the first room any guest visit.  And since it is the first attraction in the interior of a home, see to it that it offers all the positive energy to welcome the occupants and any visitors.

The dining room, kitchen, and the bathrooms are also frequently visited by guests, so you have to make them pleasing to the eyes of the visitors and not only that, you as the occupants also feel delighted when you go home to a well-decorated property.

The first floor houses another spacious living room with a family room.  This is good for families with many members.  Guests may occupy the living room in the ground floor while family members can also have their own private time in the family room upstairs.

The bedrooms are attached to a balcony and a terrace.  Easy access to these areas make this design stand out among many other designs because most homeowners nowadays prefer a design that has open areas for a breath of fresh air.

The veranda and the windows open to nature bringing the outdoor feel inside.  The spacious compound allows for more rooms for improvement and remodeling.  What more could you ask for in this property sitting in a lavish area just waiting to be explored?

The facade gives an impression of coolness and serenity.  The combination of paint color of gray and white creates a home with a mood of warmth and tranquility.

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