Stylish Two-bedroom Bungalow with L-shape Balcony

The major attraction of this sophisticated bungalow house is the spacious L-shape balcony.

The balcony’s main purpose is to give a bigger space to accommodate wide range of activities possible in a home without necessarily a lawn or yard.

In tropical countries a balcony facilitates the movement of air that goes inside the house. You may want to design your balcony as enclosed by banisters, grills, glass walls or just large glass windows. Balconies do not actually need to be huge but in this house design, the balcony is really spacious and may be used to entertain guest during big gatherings.

This bungalow design is not rare though.  You can see it in most single floor designs that are being featured in other websites.  The parking area that is located in front of the house in any of the sides, left or right, is a common parking area design for most homes.

The balcony being open and enclosed with knee-level or waist-level balustrades are typical of a balcony.  They are designed this way to allow for ventilation and for air to circulate freely in the building.  It is very much applicable for hot or tropical climates.

Many home owners really prefer that their houses be built with a balcony where they could spend some time to relax before finally resting in their bedroom.

The dining area is shown here being a part of the balcony.  This is the good thing in spacious balconies like this one because it can serve many purposes.  It may be a living hall, a veranda, a dining area, and may even be used as a coffee place.

It opens up to another spacious area of the house which is the living room that is enclosed with glass walls which transformed it into a very sophisticated place for relaxation.  If you have a large living area, you can choose to decorate it with your favorite stuffs like furniture and appliances and big wall decors.

The two bedrooms are also built with enough space to accommodate not only the bed but also other things like wall cabinets, and sofa.  Other amenities such as a refrigerator, a TV, or an aquarium maybe put inside the bedrooms if they do have more space like this featured house.


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