That Petite and Compact Three-bedroom House

The very first thing that you would probably notice and like in this modern contemporary bungalow is how petite and compact it was built but its overall appearance impresses the beholders. The use of white paint makes it look so neat and impressive.  Its simple design even make it more classy.

Being a single-storey has some advantages over taller and double-storey houses or multiple levels home. Prospective home owners prefer single storeys or bungalows because home they are more on the practical purpose of he house rather than its lavish and extravagant aspects.  They believe they have other more important things to buy with their money rather than buying a very lavish and big home whose some areas are left unused.

A single-storey house or oftentimes called bungalow house is more preferred these days because of accessibility, manageability, spacious rooms, accessible terrace and other parts of the house, and low-hung roof which facilitates easier cleaning, maintenance, and remodeling soon, in case, the owners are thinking ahead of renovation.


This house looks petite and yet it exudes elegance. The large windows play a big role in its impressive appearance.  In this design, the windows are enhanced with the frames that are built in with the windows.  Painting the window frames with a distinct color as against the color of the wall makes them appear more sophisticated.

Though the rooms are not really that spacious because of the limited space, they maybe enhanced with the right choice of paint color and appliances and other stuffs that you would want to put inside the room.

For small rooms like the ones in this house, it is advisable that cabinets be built in hanging and to only furnish it with small stuffs and less appliances.

This bungalow has three bedrooms, twos bathroom, a kitchen, dining and living areas in an open floor, a small balcony, and a a dedicated space as carport.

There is no parking space that was built but you can just make a detached parking area in the available space around it.


  1. I have seen from the houses collection, the external appearance of the house that I would like to ask if it is possible to get its full plan (floor & roof). Please contact me via information provided below.

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