The Beauty and Comfort of Living in a Bungalow

Good news to bungalow lovers! Today we are featuring another contemporary bungalow for your inspiration and reference.  This house may look like any other bungalows that you have seen so far and it may not have that strong impact on you. But, always consider that everything may have something new that it offers.

The attractive feature of this bungalow is its seven-step elevation from the ground.  While most elevated bungalows have at least three to five steps elevation, this one has seven and it raises the whole house to a higher level making it an anti-flood structure.

Elevated houses are now preferred especially in places where there are instances of flash floods.  So, if your place have been hit by strong storms that eventually caused floods, it is therefore advisable for you to build a house that is higher than the last recorded flood height.


The exterior design of this house, with a side door and staircase instead of a back door makes it unique.  The reason for he side door is that there may be insufficient space in the back area of the house.  It is therefore just right to put the other door on either side.

The frontage was also designed beautifully with two big pillars with grooves and a large main door made of glass.  The windows are also made of glass and this does not only add beauty to the house but also provide natural light in the interior.

The open space in front may be used for many purposes like a recreation area.  You can place a coffee table with chairs to spend your coffee sessions with friends. You may also make the other side be your garage or carport while the remaining extra space may be used for your landscape and small gardening.

The stairs are also a major attraction in the facade of the house.  You may want to decorate its sides with potted plants or you can put balustrade if you wish.

There are many ways on how to design the frontage of a house and it all depends on your preferences.  You can always modify according to the changing season as well.



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