The Simplicity of this Three-bedroom Modern Bungalow Makes it Winsome

Modern architecture is so famous these days. It is being used by architects, engineers, and designers for their crafts and projects. In many of our previous posts, we have already defined and characterized what a modern architecture is. But for the sake of those who missed on those posts and for review, we are going to talk a little about it again before we proceed talking about the modern house design being featured here today.

Plan N Design wrote that ‘Modern Architecture’ refers to a historic movement that emerged in Europe and later spread to the other parts of the world during early and mid of 20th century which gained its popularity after the world war-II. ‘Modern’ here is not an adjective or proverb but indicates a particular style with a defined set of principles while contemporary, by definition is the architecture belonging to the present day and is flexible when it comes to its features and characteristics.

So, basically, the ‘modern look’ means simplicity in form and design. Modern architecture is primarily based on abstraction which is shown in the use of clean, straight lines, basic geometric shapes, and form.  So, this explains why you usually see these linear elements and rectangular shapes in modern house designs these days.

This house is a perfect example of a simple modern house design.  Straight lines are seen on the way the door and the windows were designed and the posts and balustrade on its frontage.  The roof is also designed in a very simple way.


The floor plan designs looks cool and tidy.  The placement of the rooms are nice and the living room and the dining are situated beside each other making them more accessible .

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