This Modern House Design may be your Ultimate House that you have been Dreaming of!

After finding a permanent job and once you are settled with it, it is high time for you to finally buy or build your own house.  This is always the major goal and ultimate dream of everyone, I guess… Imagine that feeling of living in your own house that you can design and remodel the way you want without restrictions. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling and experience?

But, hey, how does your dream house looks like? Do you already have an idea? Or, are you still conceptualizing? Well, our websites are dedicated to help you with that – designing your own house by showing you many, many designs to choose from.  Here is another for you, check it out!

The facade displays a very simple design.  This is a modern design so expect it to be plain and artless – like all modern house designs are, except for modern houses that have contemporary features on them. Of course, that shows a different perspective.

Like you can see, it only projects lines seen on its window frames, pillars and rectangular shapes seen on the windows and the doors.  Not so many fascinating art features on it.

What I like here, and of course what the modern house enthusiasts like, is the clean and tidy appeal that the overall building shows especially if it only maintains one color contrasted with a darker one to paint its trimmings.

This design is applicable to elongated lots as the depth of the building is larger than its width.  It has complete facilities: three bedrooms, two toilets and baths, living and dining rooms sharing an open floor, and a kitchen where the back door is located.

If you like this design and would like to request for the floor plan, you may contact us by leaving your comment here.  Our architects will be very glad to have you assisted. We post different designs every day which you can use for your inspiration. You can browse through our other designs and contact us if you need further assistance.

You may want to check our other websites, as well.  You can click on the following hyperlinks and you will be redirected to the websites. There are many designs for you to choose from.  Each design has its own unique features where you may get ideas from to build your own. If you like the design, please don’t forget to share on your wall for others to see. Sit back and enjoy. Visit us again soon. Thank you!

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    1. Definitely this simple and plain house is cute and sharp.
      Would be glad if you can assist me to obtain the full design /plan for it
      Kind Regards

    2. I like the design. Can you please send me the details of the floor plan and estimated cost to build the house please? Thank you so much.

    3. hi i love the design of the house simple but elegant.
      i would be glad too if you can assist me to obtain the full design, the materials use, the coast & plan for this house.
      your response is highly appreciated
      thank you

    4. Can you please send me the detailed floor/house plan in my e-mail address please? I am considering the house design for my retirement house. Thanks in advance.

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