Three-bedroom Bungalow Design House

Bungalow Design House
Bungalow Design House

Bungalow design house featured today has 3 bedrooms, 2 toilet and bath, living area, dining, kitchen, service area and open patio. Land must be at least 13 meters wide and 17 meters deep to accommodate this house as stand alone or single detached.

Tegula roof tiles, aluminum-framed sliding windows and doors coated with white, elevated patio, accent walls are the main features of this bungalow design house.

Elevated patio have 4 steps to reach the main floor with stainless steel railings enclosing this area. Wall surrounding the patio is covered with bricks and floor with ceramic non-skid tiles.

Bedrooms are well ventilated providing enough windows that helps illuminate the room even without lights on. Complete with low cabinets, and cupboards. Floor is finished with ceramic tiles with wood texture. Recessed ceiling, painted with white.

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