Budget-Friendly Tiny Houses On Wheels For Sale That You Can Build

There are tiny houses on wheels for sale that can be built or purchased on a shoestring budget.

Living in tiny houses is becoming a trend and has taken off around the world, especially for those living in overcrowded cities where the living expenses are higher. Even in the countryside, there are a lot of tiny houses on wheels for sale. These small houses help put the occupants in touch with nature.

One of the benefits of living in a tiny house is downsizing — Not only in terms of the space and the stuff inside the home, but also in terms of the living costs.

Are These Tiny Houses On Wheels For Sale Cheap?

But are tiny houses on wheels for sale really inexpensive? There are factors to consider.

  1. Are you planning to build the house yourself or are you going to hire a contractor?
  2. What’s the square footage of the home you are going to build?
  3. What are the materials you are going to use?
  4. Are there certain features and styles you want to incorporate in your home?

Basically, there is a huge range in cost for these tiny houses. It is possible to build a tiny house in a shoestring budget of $10,000 or less but there are also tiny houses on wheels for sale that cost more than that.

Ideas For Tiny Houses On Wheels

If you are willing to build your own tiny house, either from a prefabricated model or from the ground up, you can do it on a very minimal budget.

To prove that investing $10,000 or less is possible, here are real-life tiny houses that were built on a shoestring budget.

The Foxhole


Budget: $6,500
Source: Tiny House Blog

Arched Cabins


Budget: $5,000
Source: itinyhouses

Kyle’s Gnome Dome


Budget: $3,000
Source: AirBnB

Wisteria Lodge

Budget: $1,500
Source: hardcoresustainable

The Ultimate Shoestring Tiny House


Budget: $2,000
Source: itinyhouses

The Hermitage

Budget: $4,250
Source: cobwallbuilder

Downsized Home in Texas

Downsized Home

Budget: $7,000
Source: itinyhouses

You too can afford to build or a buy tiny houses on wheels for sale! Whether you are thinking about building your own tiny house from the foundation up or you are going to purchase a ready-made home, spending on a budget is possible.

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