Two-bedroom Contemporary Home with Interior Images

Contemporary Home
Contemporary Home

Contemporary home design is typically innovative and forward-looking but the design of these homes are distinctly more complex.

One feature that makes many recently built contemporary homes stand out is that they often are built for sustainability, are generally eco-friendly and energy-efficient, and use materials that are often re-purposed from their intended use (like a home made out of a shipping container, for example).

This contemporary home plan has a footprint of 10 meters by 8.5 meters at least. It requires a minimum lot size of 13 meters along the width if you allow 1.5 meters setback on each side. For the depth requirement, assuming you have 4 meters setback at the front ans 2 meters at the back, the minimum depth is 14.5 meters.

Clean and comfy, this interior is very cozy to stay with granite floor tiles, well-painted walls and ceiling, sliding windows and two-seater couch.

Finished with ceramic tiles and variation of colors, this bathroom is well-accomplished with all the lavatory and toilet sink in place.

The exterior of this contemporary home is bright or uses bright colors on the walls and columns. Walls are painted with beige color where darker tones and bricks are rendered on the accent walls.

Windows are made of aluminum frames coated with white, provided with grills and surrounded by white cement moldings.

Reference to the floor plan, one-car garage is located at the left side with an access to living room at the front porch. Porch and main floor is elevated to take advantage of a bit of privacy. Opening the 2-leaf main door will lead you to the main living and open space up to the dining area.

Kitchen is located at the left side, with L-shaped kitchen counter and provided with an exit door going to the laundry area which also exit out to the service area.The two bedrooms occupied the right side of the house, and in between them is a common toilet and bath.



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