Two Bedroom Modern Style House with Interior Photos

Wide pictures windows and doors, with chocolate brown accent walls

Two Bedroom Modern Style House

This Two Bedroom Modern Style House has a total floor area of 117 square meters. On the right side is the garage in which you can access the porch at the main entrance. The living room is open up till the dining area. the Two bedrooms are situated at the right side of the house. In between these 2 rooms are their own toilet and bath. These rooms area also provided with built-in cabinets.

At the right side of the dining area is additional bathroom for common use. Going further to the left a is a small kitchen with a straight shape counter which also opens to the back for service purposes.

Looking at the living room interior below, walls have soft cream paint which brightens the whole area. The wide aluminum glass door also helps in allowing more light into the room. Ceiling is white painted with some drop ceiling design makes it more cozy and and comfortable to stay.

Dining area will fit 4 top 6 person with elegant chairs and glass protected table. Wide window on the far end to allow more light.

The master’s bedroom is decorated in bright white color. Bedside table with cream leather duvet. Augmented with vanity and white built-in shelves. Provided with glass doors connecting to private balcony. They can also be illuminated and ventilated during the day.

Children’s bedroom decorated with bright yellow.


Check floor plan below:


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