Two-Bedroom Single Storey House For People On A Budget

Are you tired of looking for the perfect place for you and your loved ones? If you have a small to medium-sized family, having a two-storey house or a place with a lot of rooms may not be a good idea.

A large house might be too big and hard to maintain. Plus, the cost of building or buying one may be way beyond your budget. But don’t worry, the house plan for today is the answer to your needs.

This modern style, single storey house is a small home with two bedrooms and one toilet and bath is suitable for the housing needs of a small to medium-sized family. It focuses on space, where every inch of the home has a value for the occupants.

This single storey house is painted in a classic white hue, with wooden walls as an accent. It also has a front terrace, which can be used as the relaxation corner or an entryway to greet your guests.

The whole house is also surrounded by glass windows, allowing natural light and ventilation.

Here is the floor plan of this single storey house:

Since this house values space, the living room is attached to the dining area and the kitchen. The common toilet and bath is strategically located in the middle of the house.

Even if it’s smaller in size, there are two bedrooms in this home: A smaller bedroom and a much bigger Master’s Bedroom. Both rooms have built-in cabinets and a space for entertainment. The smaller room is also big enough to accommodate a study table, perfect for kids.

This single storey house is a suitable home setup for families who still want a two-bedroom home without the unnecessary spaces and budget that comes with it.

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