Two For A Price Of One: Modern Duplex House

A duplex house like this is more affordable than buying a large house.

When people are thinking of buying their first homes, the first things that would come to our minds are large homes, luxury houses or a nice house with white picket fence. Although there is nothing wrong with these options, you might also think about getting a duplex instead.

Duplexes are everywhere. A duplex is an extremely wise investment as you get more liveable space in a price of one. Since it is like buying two houses in one, a duplex gives you more room to move around. Compared with buying a multi-family home or a large house that can accommodate all members of the household, it is more affordable to invest in a duplex. All the occupants can fit in the house without spending too much from your budget or getting a larger mortgage.

The house plan for today is a duplex, single storey house. It is designed with a wide garage that can fit up to four cars.

This single storey house features a unique, U-shape design and a modernly designed roof. It uses a combination of modern designs and colors such as brown and white and wooden accents. There are also several spotlights surrounding the house.

This modern duplex has a total floor area of 125 square meters. Since it is like combining two houses in one, you have the opportunity to fully customize every room.

Not only that, this house plan has picture-sized glass windows surrounding the house. The living rooms and hallways have glass accent walls.

The rooftop of the second part of the house can also be converted into a terrace, for relaxation or hosting family events and parties or if you need more liveable space, a second storey can be made.

This duplex is the perfect size for your family, whether it is a large one or a small one. Since it has all the rooms that the family needs, plus the power to customize all the rooms, it is a perfect choice.

How about you, which one do you prefer: A large house or a medium-sized one like this? Whatever your choice is, we have the right house plan for you!

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