Two Storey Contemporary House Design Complete with Interior Photos

Contemporary House Design

Contemporary House Design above is an icon of luxury. This is Australian inspired house is designed by  Daniel Lomma Design  which is called Derby house. it compliments with the neighborhood with elegance that stands out from the rest.

White color scheme is so pure that cover the whole house exterior and interior. At the front, an accent wall is rendered with dark colored bricks or stone contrasting to the neutral walls.

Stairs is made of wood stair steps mounted to a steel stringer. Tempered glass served as balustrades free standing, with stainless steel handrail.

The kitchen area is on the best eye pieces inside of this two storey Contemporary House Design, while the pool in the back dominates the outside. The kitchen leading into the dining room, and then living room gives space for several guest or family to dine in a unique place setting.

Look at this bathroom. The bathtub is located at the right where small area at the other end is utilized to be an open shelf made with glass. Good area to put bathroom accessories such as towels and toiletries. On the other side are two counter top lavatories for his and her with a wide mirror for them to reflect. Underneath are cabinets, or more space to accommodate linens or other toilet related items.

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