Two Storey House Inspiration Complete with Interior Designs

two storey house
This two storey house is beautiful from the inside out.

Although a lot of homeowners will spend more time inside their homes than outside to admire and appreciate the exteriors, there is still something to be said to curb the appeal of your future home. That is why a beautiful home often starts with an outstanding skeleton, a structure which is built from the ground up to shelter your family.

The featured house plan for today shows a combination of gorgeous exteriors and sleek and modern interiors. This is why this home is beautiful from inside out.

Just by looking at this two storey house from the outside, you will immediately feel how beautiful it can be in the inside. With a combination of modern and natural materials, the exterior of this home is modern and sleek. There are also several glass windows surrounding the house to make sure that there is an abundant supply of natural light and ventilation.

Stepping into this home, you will immediately see the stunning interiors that it has. From the main entrance, you will see the spacious living room. A small dining space is located next to the receiving area.

A wall separates the dining area from the kitchen. To make the space appear larger than it normally is, the wall is turned into a “mini bar” with a mirror reflecting the whole space.

This two storey house also allows the owners to customize the whole space. It is up to your decision how many rooms you want to have. You can add up to five bedrooms, three toilet and baths, and a separate room for a home office setup, a family hall, a game or a movie room.

What can you say about this two storey house? Do you like a ready-made home plan or you prefer a home that you can fully customize according to your wants and needs?

Whatever kind of home plan you want, House and Decors have it! Make sure to check out other articles.

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