Two Storey Townhouse Design with 2 Bedrooms


Living in a two storey townhouse are now the trend in this present day. Besides being cheap, this type of design is the most popular among land developers due to maximized space. They can offer this in low price and paid in several duration options.

This townhouse design has 2 bedrooms located at the upper floor, where each room is provided with en-suite toilet and bath and built-in closets. The ground floor composed of the living area, dining and kitchen. Common toilet and bath is situated near the kitchen area, and the remaining space at the back can be used as service area. At the front is one car garage where directly above it is a small terrace or balcony.

The total floor area of 1 unit is 110 square meters. The most probable width of the unit is 5 meters and depth of 11 meters. Minimum lot size is 85 square meters, naturally the frontage with would be at least 5 meters corresponding to the house width.



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