Well-designed elevated three-bedroom bungalow

If you are a medium-size family with 4-5 members, this bungalow with three bedrooms might be ideal for you.  The design is quite simple though its roof style is a little expensive to invest in.  The roof styles are a combination of cross hip roof and gable roof.  Achieving this roof style may be expensive but its beauty and its durability pay off.

So, if you like this design, Go check its specs below. Read on.

The facade looks classy and fancy.  Its elevation is good enough.  It is not too high and not too low.  However, if this house is built in flood-prone places, it is advisable to have it elevated a little higher. 100-120 centimeters elevation is pretty cool.  It protects the house from being flooded in times of heavy rains and typhoons.

The glass windows and door give it a flashy look.  Glass is always preferred by homeowners because they give natural lighting to the interior.  They also keep the house ventilated.

It is not expensive to build this house. What makes a house really expensive is the kind of finishing and furniture and appliances that you stuff your house with.  If you have US$30,000, you can build this house and bring it to a rough finish. But to make it livable, you would need US$50,000-70,000. Like we always tell those who are asking about the budget for building a house, the cost actually depends on the materials used and the kind of finishing and furnishing that are used. You can actually improve it little by little as soon as you have savings for home renovation. What matters most is that you can build it and start occupying it while you improve.

Product Specifications:

  • one-storey house
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • living room
  • kitchen and dining
  • veranda
  • Budget: USD 50,000-70,000 or Php 2.5-.5M


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Credits go to Facebook for the design.

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